• Andreas Quartier

Centred around the city’s former court buildings in the heart of Dusseldorf’s old town, a new landmark district, the Andreas Quarter, is currently taking shape. These listed Wilhelminian structures form the starting point for an ensemble of diverse new buildings designed to create a rich interplay between old and new.

A number of different architecture firms have been involved in the project to ensure a varied streetscape. sop | architekten is responsible for the overall planning concept, the sensitive reuse of the former courthouse, the construction of the Lifestylehaus corporate development on Ratinger Straße, where the façade of the former Palais Spinrath will be retained, and the stand-alone Solitaire on Neubrückstraße.

Frankonia Eurobau Andreasquartier GmbH
64.000 m²
Work phase:
1-5, Urban Design und Artistic Supervision, Buildings AQ 1-3, 7, 8.3